Ebb & Flow is a new bakery concept that serves high quality grab-and-go bites both savory and sweet, developed in collaboration with our Culinary Director, James Beard Award-winning pastry chef Francois Payard.

Parkgoers and members of the sailing community are welcome to drop in to pick up an assortment of traditional viennoiserie, tea and coffee. Bringing a Gallic flair to on-the-go cuisine, Ebb & Flow also offers a variety of filled croissants both traditional and modern, including a twist on a croque-monsieur, jambon beurre, egg & bacon and cream cheese.

Ebb & Flow showcases Payard’s unique take on an American classic: the layer cake. Brand-new creations include playful twists on traditional favorites, such as Caramelia Milk Chocolate, Bittersweet Crunchy Chocolate and Old Fashion Brooklyn Cheese Cake, as well as kid-friendly flavors like White Chocolate Strawberry & Fruit Loops.

For picnickers looking for a meal on the go, Ebb & Flow offers the Bsquared Box — a new take on a bento box filled with the essentials for a day at Brooklyn Bridge park, including a protein, carbohydrate, baby green salad and tart of the day. The bakery also has a selection of salads and Pullman sandwiches, like grilled cheese, turkey & swiss, pastrami & fontina and prosciutto & swiss.

Ebb & Flow is located across from Pier 5 at Brooklyn Bridge Park, along the waterfront of Brooklyn Heights.

Special Hours Starting 3/19/2020

Daily: 8:30am - 8:30pm

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159 Bridge Park Drive,

Brooklyn, NY 11201

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